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  • Alana Reifer, D.D.S. | General Dentist
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COVID-19 Statement


We miss seeing our patients!

We had to cease handling of discretionary procedures - including hygiene - due to lack of availability of masks and gloves (PPE) - and closed the office before mandatory orders were provided by Dallas County. We are contacting patients who have appointments to reschedule them - please be patient with Oralia as we're working with a moving target due to several unknowns - Federal/State/County mandates for both dentists and patients, and when re-establishment of PPE availability in sufficient quantities to operate will occur. 

We do have PPE projected to be sufficient to handle our existing patients' dental emergencies. If a current patient with an emergency, please call our regular number and follow the instructions given there to reach your doctor directly or complete the contact form on the "Contact Us" page.

Hopefully, the PPE supply will quickly catch up with the demand as the infection curve flattens, more manufacturers produce masks, and supply priorities start to normalize, at which time we'll be able to once again see non-emergency patients as well - assuming government approval to reopen dental offices for all types of cases has occurred. Currently, we are mandated by our Governor to remain closed until 4/21, but we expect that to be extended since the federal guidelines are to shelter in place until May 1.


Dr. Mary Swift, Dr. Alana Reifer, and the rest of the Team