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Why Invisalign Wins the Braces Race for Adults Over 40

A beautiful smile never goes out of style. It is, after all, one of the first things people notice when they meet someone. Besides shaving years off of your appearance, having straight, white, healthy-looking teeth also may make you feel confident as you enjoy all that life has to offer. It’s no wonder why so many adults over age 40 are opting for orthodontics, specifically Invisalign aligners to achieve the stunning smile they’ve always wanted. The experienced orthodontic dentists at Dallas Laser Dentistry in Dallas, TX can attest that you’re never too old to reap the benefits of Invisalign. People are more active and living longer than ever before. So that they may continue to enjoy a good quality of life, it is essential that the teeth continue to look attractive and function well.

Why choose Invisalign

Maybe you needed braces as a kid, but your parents were unable to afford them. Or, if you did have them, you may have noticed that your teeth have shifted as you’ve gotten older. In either case, sporting a mouth full of wires and brackets during your forties, fifties, sixties, or older may not be appealing to you. Invisalign is a discreet, comfortable alternative. The BPA-free, clear plastic aligners are custom made to ensure a proper fit directly over your top and bottom teeth. It may not even be apparent to others that you’re wearing braces. They also require about half the time of traditional metal braces to correct your teeth. Invisalign can easily be removed so that you may continue to enjoy the foods you love, such as corn on the cob and other delicacies that are usually off limits for wearers of traditional braces, as well as to brush and floss.

Invisalign can improve your self-confidence

No matter what age you are, having an overbite, gapped, or misaligned teeth can be embarrassing. It may even be enough to severely damage your self-esteem and prevent you from living your best life. In your forties, you may wonder whether investing the time and money to correct your teeth is worth the effort. Consider this: when you have confidence in your smile, you may be more inclined to pursue professional opportunities that are presented, or make personal and social connections that you might otherwise have passed up. A new-and-improved smile can make you better prepared to take on the world.

Boost your health

More than just an aesthetic concern, crowded teeth can also cause health problems to arise as we age. When teeth are tightly spaced, it makes brushing and flossing all the more difficult. This is especially troublesome since food can become trapped in hard-to-reach spaces, which can increase tartar build-up and may lead to the development of periodontal disease. The latter puts Dallas-area patients at a greater risk of experiencing inflammation in the body that can potentially lead to increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Meanwhile, poor oral hygiene is oftentimes at the root of tooth decay, which may necessitate future root canal treatments. Teeth also run the risk of falling out and could require replacement with implants, bridges, or other restorative devices. Luckily, with the assistance of Invisalign aligners, adult teeth are just as easy to move and reposition as those of children and teens.

When your teeth are not straight, your overall health may be impacted. You may suffer from chronic pain in your face and frequent earaches. Chewing food effectively may be difficult, resulting in digestive pain. A misaligned bite may also cause you to frequently bite your cheeks and ultimately may impact the condition of jaw joints. By aligning your bite with Invisalign, you may be able to prevent these and other conditions including TMJ, which causes pain in the jaw and surrounding muscles as well as headaches, from developing. The dentists at Dallas Laser Dentistry are able to explain how Invisalign may help alleviate or prevent various health issues.

Are you an Invisalign candidate?

There is no age limit when it comes to wearing Invisalign, which generally is considered as safe and effective for patients that are teenagers as those in their 80’s. The orthodontic dentists at Dallas Laser Dentistry will perform an exam to determine whether your teeth and gums are healthy enough to support braces. Because periodontal disease becomes more prevalent with age, the presence of gum disease and other dental conditions may delay some adults from becoming Invisalign patients until the inflammation or infection can be fully treated. Unlike with children and teens, the bones of adults have stopped growing. As a result, structural changes within the jaw, as well as some bite-related issues may prove too complex for Invisalign to correct. If that is the case, our dentists will recommend other treatment options. In general, Invisalign can effectively treat most mild-to-moderate teeth straightening and alignment issues.

How the Invisalign process works

Another plus about Invisalign is how convenient it is. The highly-trained dentists at Dallas Laser Dentistry will determine whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign by examining and taking x-rays as well as photos of your teeth. If you get the green light, 3-D digital impressions of your mouth and teeth will be made. Computer software is used to create sets of tightly fitting aligners that are each configured differently and apply pressure to the top and bottom teeth. The dentist will design a customized treatment plan and educate you about what to expect during your journey toward achieving an improved smile.

You will receive your first sets of aligners in a few weeks, which must be worn for upwards of 20 hours each day. You may experience some minor discomfort initially as you adjust to wearing them which usually can be alleviated with over-the-counter pain medications. After a quick checkup visit with the dentist, you will receive your next sets of aligners. The goal is to slowly and precisely move specific teeth per your treatment plan versus shifting all of the teeth at one time. Patients likely will notice changes occurring to their teeth throughout the process. Regular visits to the dental office will be scheduled, and the dentist will examine your teeth to make sure that you are wearing the aligners as well as maintaining good oral hygiene.

Once the entire Invisalign treatment is complete, it will be necessary for patients to wear a retainer, which will help teeth to remain correctly positioned, to protect your investment. In general, most Invisalign treatments last about half as long as those associated with traditional braces, allowing you to enjoy your new smile sooner.

Ready to have a fabulous smile?

For many people, their forties can be a time of tremendous personal transformation. With the help of Invisalign, you can finally have the gorgeous smile you’ve longed for. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment at Dallas Laser Dentistry in Dallas, TX. Call today for a free smile consultation and get started on the path toward discovering a new you.

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