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The Difference Between Laser Teeth Whitening and Other Options

The Difference Between Laser Teeth Whitening and Other Options
Do you have concerns about yellow or stained teeth? See if laser teeth whitening is the right solution for reaching your personal aesthetic goals.

Your smile is one of your most notable features, which means stained or yellow teeth can be a source of embarrassment and make you look older. Even with a strict oral hygiene routine at home, most people experience stained teeth as adults. Thanks to new advancements and technologies in oral care, the LaserSmile! teeth whitening system is the featured option at Dallas Laser Dentistry in Dallas, TX. This laser teeth whitening option is easy and convenient and can help you look and feel your best. To learn more, schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists or read the helpful information below.

Candidates for laser teeth whitening
Candidates for laser teeth whitening have stained or discolored teeth due to natural aging, diet, and genetics. Poor oral hygiene and some medications can also alter the appearance of teeth. The goal of the award-winning cosmetic dentists at Dallas Laser Dentistry is to restore your teeth to their brighter, whiter state using the techniques best for you. We begin the process with a private consultation, where we learn about you, answer any questions you may have, and help you determine if laser whitening is the best option. Patients get their best results following a recent dental cleaning, so we may schedule cleaning and whitening appointments back-to-back for your convenience. Please note that laser tooth whitening cannot be performed on individuals under the age of 13 as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women.

While natural teeth will change as a result of teeth whitening, dental restorations such as crowns or veneers will not. This is because restorations are created to match the color of your teeth at the time of the dental work. If you have restorations and would like to benefit from teeth whitening, we still have a solution for you. Begin the process by scheduling a Smile Consultation session with Dallas Laser Dentistry.

The LaserSmile whitening technique and touch-up kit
Laser tooth whitening is a safe and efficient method to lighten teeth and remove unwanted stains. To begin, we protect the eyes, lips, and gums to make sure only the teeth are laser treated. We then apply a whitening gel to each tooth and activate the gel on each tooth individually with a powerful diode laser. While patients generally do not experience any discomfort during treatment, some request anesthesia if they have anxiety about visiting the dentist or a strong gag reflex. From beginning to end, the process takes about an hour, but this varies with each patient. You may feel some tooth sensitivity following the procedure, which usually subsides within a day.

Once you have a whiter foundation for your teeth, it’s your responsibility to keep up the results. Visit Dallas Laser Dentistry twice a year for professional cleanings so stains from coffee, tea, tobacco products, and more can be removed before they become permanent. Continue to brush and floss your teeth twice a day to reduce future stains from food and drink.

To make your teeth whitening regimen even more convenient, our practice provides a customized take-home kit with professional whitening gel and trays. These should be used every 6 months immediately after professional cleanings to keep up your brilliant results.

Comparing LaserSmile laser teeth whitening with other cosmetic options
There are a wide variety of teeth whitening options on the market today. For instance, many patients choose over-the-counter whitening gels to avoid going to the dentist. While these can help brighten your teeth by a few shades, the biggest drawback is that they contain bleaching agents that may sensitize the teeth. The trays from these kits must be worn for one or more hours every night, and it takes many days or weeks of use to get the desired results.

Not only that, drugstore products tend to be a one-size-fits-all solution. This means that some people won’t get the outcome they are seeking. During a consultation at Dallas Laser Dentistry, our staff designs a custom treatment plan that meets your unique needs. In addition, an over-the-counter gel is no match for the advanced dental equipment found at our office.

Porcelain veneers are another option to improve the overall appearance of teeth and make them seem whiter. Veneers are made of thin, porcelain shells that cover the surface of the teeth. The downside for most of choosing veneers for whitening alone is the cost. Veneers work well for chipped, worn down, or slightly crooked teeth, and they are a solution for whitening teeth stained by the use of tetracycline. Dallas Laser Dentistry makes use of the LaserSmile system because it’s fast, limits time teeth are exposed to a bleaching agent, and no other whitening system can beat the results. Plus, the entire process can be completed at our office in about an hour.

Brighten your smile with Dallas Laser Dentistry
Dallas Laser Dentistry wants patients to have the best experience possible. Our cosmetic dentists have extensive experience and the skills to create a beautiful, contagious smile! The staff, hygienists, and assistants work hard to create an environment where you will feel relaxed and at ease. To learn more about your teeth whitening options in Dallas, TX, visit Dallas Laser Dentistry’s procedures page and reach out to our experienced staff today.

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