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Questions to Ask at Your Natural Smile Makeover Consultation

Smile Makeover Dallas, TX

For those who want whiter, straighter teeth, a natural smile makeover can offer beautiful results with a patient's existing teeth. Those who choose this route can often enjoy less invasive procedures for a more desirable look.

Questions for the consultation

Before committing to a specific treatment plan, patients should communicate openly with the dentist to express expectations and concerns. Asking the right questions can provide the right information and peace of mind.

Can the office provide examples of other related success stories?

When it comes to choosing the right dental professional, the results speak for themselves. Asking for pictures and testimonials from previous patients can help exhibit the quality of work one should expect from an office. Patients should ask for examples of others with similar issues and treatment plans.

What treatment options are available?

There are several approaches to a natural smile makeover and a variety of common treatments:

  • Clear aligner trays
  • Veneers
  • Gum re-contouring
  • Whitening options
  • Crowns

All of these solutions are performed on the natural teeth while improving the look of the smile. However, it is important to note that some serious conditions may require the complete removal of a severely damaged or decayed tooth for the health and safety of the patient.

How long will the selected procedures take?

Treatment times can take anywhere from one to several visits and depend on the current state of the teeth and gums. Most whitening treatments are completed in a single session, although it may take more than one to achieve the desired results. Veneers and crowns usually take a few weeks to complete since the components must be individually made. Aligner trays require an average of one year of use with some follow-up care.

Does insurance cover a natural smile makeover?

Some types of dental work may be considered necessary to preserve the health and integrity of the affected teeth. In these cases, many typical dental insurance plans offer some coverage, especially when dealing with dental crowns. Dental office staff should be able to quote a general price based on the consultation and current insurance plan.

How long will the results last?

The durability of a natural smile makeover depends on the type and quality of the work and a patient's home care habits. Most dental work has an average longevity of approximately eight to 10 years, but only if patients have excellent oral health, maintain good habits, schedule regular appointments and follow the instructions for recommended care. A person who avoids coffee, tea and red wine completely are likely to enjoy teeth-whitening results for much longer than patients who consume these items, even in moderation. Likewise, veneers and crowns last much longer in a patient who does not develop chronic tooth decay or gum disease.


There are many factors to consider when preparing for a natural smile makeover. By asking the right questions and planning ahead, patients can feel more comfortable about investing in a treatment plan to fit their needs and goals. It is critical to follow the recommendations of a professional dentist to achieve the desired look while still prioritizing overall oral health.

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