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Is It Possible to Customize Your Smile Makeover with Cosmetic Dentistry?

An attractive, healthy smile is a priceless asset. Studies show that individuals who have great smiles are more confident, happier, social, and achieve greater occupational and personal success. With today's dental advancements, it has never been easier to enjoy the smile you have always wanted and a cosmetic dentist can help you get it. The cosmetic dental professionals at Dallas Laser Dentistry are ready to transform your smile and make it contagious! Our skilled team offers a number of cosmetic dental procedures to patients in the greater Dallas, TX area and can help restore your smile and rejuvenate your appearance.

A new smile, a new you!

A smile makeover is a popular buzz word these days in the dental world. Both men and women are wanting to reinvent their smile and improve how it looks. A great smile usually improves self-confidence and the frequency you smile - in other words, a “new you” that research has shown causes you to be perceived by others to be smarter and more successful. A makeover for the smile is a customized treatment plan to improve the overall appearance of the teeth and/or gums and even improve oral health through a combination of dental procedures. These treatments may include professional teeth whitening services, dental veneers, composite tooth bonding, dental implants, laser gum therapy, and even teeth straightening with Invisalign®. A smile makeover may be performed for several different reasons and can be personalized for each patient to fit individual needs.

Who needs a cosmetic dentist?

If you are worried about how your smile looks or have other dental issues, then now is a great time to seek professional advice from a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists can help you address issues like stained or discolored teeth, repair cracked or misshapen teeth, or resolve small gaps in between teeth. A cosmetic dentist can give you a whiter, brighter, straighter smile while making sure it blends in naturally with your other facial features. Regardless of what your dental issues may be, our experienced cosmetic dentists at Dallas Laser Dentistry can help.

A customized Smile Makeover approach for you

Our cosmetic dentists will listen to your concerns and create a unique plan to attain the right aesthetic outcome for your individual smile goals. Every patient has different dental needs when it comes to improving their oral health and getting the smile they deserve. Some patients may need a simple whitening visit or a few months of Invisalign treatment, while others may require a major procedure like dental implants to replace missing teeth - or all of the above.

Before cosmetic work is performed, any oral health needs must first be addressed. Our talented Dallas, TX cosmetic dentists will provide a full dental exam to check your teeth and gums so that any underlying dental issues are treated as a priority before cosmetic procedures are performed. Your teeth must have a good foundation in order to experience successful, long-term term cosmetic results. Signs of gum disease, cavities, or other issues will need to be addressed first before a healthy, stunning smile can be the aesthetic goal.

Aesthetic options with a cosmetic dentist

If you are like many other Dallas, TX-area patients, you may have dental issues within your smile that you would like to correct or have changed. Smile enhancement can have a big impact on your social and professional life and your overall level of self-confidence and even lends to a more youthful appearance. To meet your unique preferences, the cosmetic dentists at Dallas Laser Dentistry may recommend a range of options to enhance the way your smile looks:

  • Dental veneers or Invisalign may be used to address spacing or alignment with teeth that are overlapped, crooked, or have small gaps between them.

  • Tooth bonding may help restore harmony to the smile by correcting chipped, cracked, or uneven teeth.

  • Missing teeth can negatively affect your appearance as well as your bite and the health of surrounding teeth. Replacing missing teeth is an important part of establishing good oral health along with creating improved cosmetic appeal. Dental implants, partial dentures, or bridges can be an integral dental solution to help improve your smile.

  • Tooth-colored fillings can restore decayed teeth and replace old silver or amalgam fillings for a more aesthetic appearance.

  • Laser gum surgery can improve the smile line by correcting cosmetic concerns of gum tissue that looks too high, too low, or uneven.

  • Professional teeth whitening treatments can generate whiter teeth in just one visit when compared to over-the-counter kits. Seeking a cosmetic dentist for whitening services is an effective and safer way to protect your teeth and gums for amazing results.

Get a great smile and protect your dental health

The award-winning cosmetic dentists at Dallas Laser Dentistry offer several cosmetic dentistry options and have helped patients just like you restore their smiles. Cosmetic dentists are experts at repairing damaged or missing teeth to enhance the look of the smile and protect the future of your oral health. Broken, cracked, or missing teeth are not only an aesthetic nuisance but also can pose other dental issues if not treated. Unresolved damaged teeth can be prone to further breakdown and dental disease. Missing teeth can also affect the overall bite as surrounding teeth, which lack support, begin to shift or move. Your dental health has a huge impact on your overall general health. Eliminating dental concerns not only restores your smile but can also protect you from future health concerns.

You no longer have to hide behind your smile or feel self-conscious about it. A new smile can not only make you feel younger, healthier, and overall happier about how you look — it can also give you the dental healthcare that you need. Your smile can make a lasting impression on others around you. Let our experts at Dallas Laser Dentistry help you achieve the cosmetic appearance you have always wanted. If you are unhappy with your smile or have other dental concerns you want to address, then we invite you to schedule a free smile consultation and digital smile simulation at our North Dallas practice today.

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