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Get White Teeth from a Teeth Whitening Dentist

Teeth Whitening Dallas, TX

Are you curious about teeth whitening? When it comes to having a good looking appearance, many people agree that having white teeth is essential. From taking pictures to interacting with new acquaintances, when someone opens their mouth to reveal bright white teeth it can make a good impression.

Although there are a lot of products on the market to help people obtain white teeth, some are definitely better than others. When it comes to getting exceptionally white teeth that people will notice instantly, going to a dentist's office to have your teeth whitened is a great choice. Although there are plenty of products that can be bought at the store, a professional whitening completed by a dentist typically achieves much better results than even the strongest over-the-counter option.

What you need to know about teeth whitening

Having teeth that become yellow is a typical part of the aging process. No matter how good a person is with their daily dental hygiene, it is normal that the teeth become less white over time.

When the teeth are whitened, both the inside and the outside of the teeth are being whitened by the whitening agent. Because both areas are getting the treatment with a high-powered solution that cannot be bought at the store, the results are typically much more impressive and noticeable.

Professional whitening is quicker than people expect

When people go to a dentist for teeth whitening, they are typically surprised at the time it takes to get the results. They may be used to the time it takes over weeks with products that they have used at home. However, when someone goes in for a teeth whitening procedure at a dentist's office, it can be done in an hour and achieve teeth that are eight or more shades lighter than when they arrived.

Although the difference is astounding, it should be noted that teeth whitening is not a one time process. However, the length that the teeth will stay white will depend on factors such as what types of food and beverages a person typically consumes, and if they use tobacco products or not. Teeth whitening can be done more than once and is normal to have to do.

Some sensitivity is expected

As with at-home teeth whitening solutions, some tooth sensitivity is expected after having the teeth whitened. Because of the strength of the solution that is used to whiten the teeth, it can cause some tooth sensitivity that the person may not have had before having the procedure. This is nothing severe and it is actually very common when whitening agents are used.

Have more whitening questions?

Have more questions about having teeth whitened at the dentist? Give us a call and our staff will be glad to answer any additional questions you may have. We are always excited to help guide patients in making the best decisions to get the white teeth they have been longing for.

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