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Cosmetic Dentistry Explained

From subtle changes to major repairs, a cosmetic dentist can offer men and women a large variety of dental techniques to achieve a beautiful smile. So, what is the difference between a cosmetic and general dentist? General dentists focus primarily on maintaining oral health with regular dental cleanings, cavity prevention, and restorative care like bridges and crowns. A cosmetic dentist aesthetically remedies specific aspects of a patient's teeth they wish to make “prettier” or keep as pretty as it was. Make no mistake about it -- a cosmetic dentist has an incredible amount of training in all dental procedures. They serve as a fantastic resource for providing their patients with dental options to make their smile more beautiful and healthy.

Dallas Laser Dentistry in Dallas, TX touts an outstanding reputation as a winner of the Consumer’s Choice Award for Cosmetic Dentistry the last eight years. Comprised of two highly-skilled cosmetic and general dental professionals, they have helped countless patients in the Dallas area transform their smiles. By eliminating annoying and unattractive cosmetic issues, their patients enjoy a dramatic transformation, boosting self-confidence. Dr. Mary Swift and Dr. Alana Reifer offer this insightful information to give a better understanding of cosmetic dentistry and how they can assist you.

Dental cosmetic needs

The experienced cosmetic dentists at Dallas Laser Dentistry strive to provide Dallas area patients with natural-looking improvements when it comes to their teeth. The ever-increasing popularity of cosmetic dentistry treatments and the dentists who provide them is an invaluable resource for men and women to get the dental help and advice they need. What can a cosmetic dentist fix?

  • Discolored or stained teeth

  • Broken or cracked teeth

  • Small or minor gaps between teeth

  • Asymmetrical teeth

  • Misshapen or small teeth

  • Replacement of metal fillings with white fillings

Smile makeover explained

The phrase, "A smile says a thousand words," definitely rings true. Your smile can instantly light up a room and form a connection with others without you even saying a word. However, when a person is unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, masking their smile becomes second nature. Do not fear! A smile makeover can do wonders for men and women who are unhappy with any aspect of their smile.

A smile makeover consists of two or more cosmetic dental procedures performed to form a patient’s new smile. Some conventional treatments include dental contouring or bonding to fix broken or misshapen teeth. Teeth straightening with Invisalign® and laser teeth whitening treatments give patients a fresh, new look to their smile. Some patients choose to remove old metal fillings and replace them with new innovative tooth-colored fillings. Patients looking to change their smile may also consider porcelain or composite veneers.

What should I look for in a cosmetic dentist?

There are many different steps to ensure you find the right cosmetic dentist for your needs. The main goal of a cosmetic dentist is to provide treatment options with the latest dental techniques to give patients natural-looking results. Along with the right qualifications, extensive training, and patient recommendations, the cosmetic dentist you choose should be an expert in their field and offer the most up-to-date dental procedures. The cosmetic dentists at Dallas Laser Dentistry in Dallas, TX, provide the latest options to help you achieve that winning smile.

Protecting your oral health

Qualified and experienced cosmetic dentists offer a variety of options to help patients restore their smile. Cosmetic dentists can also assist in the repair of damaged or missing teeth. Cracked or broken teeth are not only an aesthetic issue but can also become an oral health problem. Unresolved damaged teeth can negatively impact a patient’s overall dental and general health as they are prone to more cavities and infections. Restoring your smile and eliminating dental concerns can significantly protect your oral health.

A smile you will love

A beautiful, new smile can be life-changing. Men and women in the Dallas area enjoy flashing their updated smiles. Cosmetic dentistry offers powerful changes in the way your smile looks while protecting your oral health. The many benefits of a new, improved smile are immeasurable to your life both personally and professionally. Turning to the cosmetic dentists at Dallas Laser Dentistry is the first step in the journey to an improved smile.

Are you ready for a new and improved smile? Dallas Laser Dentistry is here to assist you and uncover the possibilities. Imagine no longer having to hide behind your smile or feel self-conscious about certain dental issues. A cosmetic dentist can give you solutions and options to help improve your smile. Our expertly-trained dentists listen to your aesthetic goals and can provide you with multiple options to restore or rejuvenate the appearance of your teeth.

If you are unhappy with certain aspects of your smile, then contact Dallas Laser Dentistry in Dallas, TX. Our two cosmetic dentists have years of experience in restoring and making over our patients’ smiles. You will want to smile more often after a visit to our office because our smiles are contagious! Call us today and schedule your free smile consultation appointment with Dallas Laser Dentistry.

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