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Ask a Dentist: What Are Popular Smile Makeover Options?

Smile Makeover Dallas, TX

A smile makeover can provide a person with a drastic change in appearance, particularly for those whose mouths show signs of tooth loss, damage, or discoloration. Cosmetic dental procedures can be beneficial for the look of the mouth, but treatment programs can also improve functionality or speech disturbances. Treatments range from simple to complex, and patients should understand all options before deciding on a procedure.

Asking a dentist about makeover options

For those interested in a smile makeover, a dental health provider can provide in-depth information on the availability of treatments and the conditions that can be fixed. Here are some of the more popular options.


Commonly known as whitening, those who deal with yellow, stained, or discolored teeth can have drastic results in a short time. Professional whitening treatments bring brilliant, sparkling white color to the teeth more effectively and efficiently than self-care kits sold at major retailers. The remarkable results and short duration of the treatment plan are leading factors in making this a popular makeover choice.


For some patients, a minimally invasive procedure is one of the more important considerations for a makeover plan. Dental veneers are a great choice for covering up imperfections with color, shape, or alignment. In this treatment, extremely thin sheets of tooth-colored porcelain are bonded over the surface of the tooth to hide what is underneath. These are long-lasting and can be finished with minimal appointments.


Poor dental hygiene can contribute to the need for a smile makeover. Cavities and tooth decay lead to discoloration of the teeth. When a tooth is consumed by rot, it can become jagged or misshapen. After addressing the decay, fillings can be used to restore the shape and color of the tooth. A resin is used that is color-matched to the other teeth, leaving very little evidence that a cavity had ever existed. Proper dental hygiene can help maintain healthy pearly whites and prevent additional decay.


Implants provide a natural look restoration option. Implants have long-lasting results, though these are some of the more invasive procedures. This treatment replaces teeth that have been lost or are so severely decayed that a dental provider may recommend removal. Fabricated teeth, colored to match the patient’s natural teeth, are attached to metal posts that have been rooted in the gum. The results are hardly distinguishable from real teeth and completely transform a smile.


For teeth that are cracked, chipped, or decayed, crowns are a choice for restoration. Dentists will sometimes recommend them for closing sizeable gaps, extend the teeth for a more uniform appearance, or disguise other imperfections. Dental labs custom-make the crowns, resulting in a seamless fit over the patient’s teeth.


Another minimally invasive procedure that can makeover a smile is composite bonding. Whether the problem is minor discoloration or a patient has small gaps, composite bonding provides a natural-looking restoration.


If you are ready to change the way your grin looks, consider these smile makeover options. Through the advice of a dental provider, a new smile may be just a few appointments away.

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